Sneska Lee, a PhD student from the University of Lincoln Institute for Agri-Food Technology (LIAT), supported by the Environment Agency has been awarded a student prize from The Worshipful Company of Farmers livery company for the best agricultural student at the University of Lincoln.

Sneska’s work focuses on Investigation of subsurface agricultural field drainage and its impact on sediment loading in Lincolnshire watercourses. This research is extremely important for improving our understanding of soil health, surface water quality and in preparation for the changing weather impacts of climate change.

On receipt of the good news, Sneska added “Thank you very much, this is just fantastic news! I am honoured, and I would be delighted to accept the award. Big thank you to everyone in team LIAT and to the farmers who have been hosting my sampling equipment! Without their support I wouldn’t be able to walk this very unpredictable and challenging path I chose.”

Prof Simon Pearson, Director for Lincoln Institute for Agri-Food Technology said “Sneska has faced several challenges studying such a diverse scientific area, including adverse weather implications and the COVID-19 lockdown. She has continued to demonstrate a determined, focussed and positive approach and we are delighted to offer her this prize. I also wish to thank The Worshipful Company of Farmers for offering this prize and supporting education in the agricultural sector.”

Sarah Swift at the Environment Agency added “We are delighted that Sneska has received this award. She has shown dedication and professionalism throughout the project despite facing a number of challenges. We appreciate her commitment to this important piece of work, which will contribute to our understanding of Lincolnshire’s watercourses.”

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