Are you a cattle and/or sheep farmer in the UK?

Lincoln Institute for Agri-Food Technology student Alice Bucker is researching liver fluke in the UK and needs your help. Hear from Alice below.

“I am an MSc student at the university of Lincoln researching liver fluke in the UK, particularly the prevalence of liver fluke (and how it is managed) to provide an up-to-date view of its distribution and attitudes of farmers towards it. Data will be co

llected through a questionnaire directed at livestock farmers in the UK focusing on sheep and/or cattle, with questions looking at farm and herd characteristics, along with farm liver fluke history. Farmers will also have the opportunity to submit a livestock faecal sample for a free faecal egg count (FEC) test in order to determine the prevalence of liver fluke.”


This study is open to cattle and/or sheep farmers in the UK. If you are interested in taking part, please visit or email the researcher Alice Buckner for more information. This project has been approved by the University of Lincoln Ethics Committee (ethics reference 2020_3953).