Our exciting Lincoln Agri-Robotics (LAR) centre bridges and expands the strong collaborations that exist between two leading research groups at the University of Lincoln (UK): the Lincoln Institute for Agri- Food Technology (LIAT) and the Lincoln Centre for Autonomous Systems (L-CAS).

LAR researchers are at the forefront of driving robotic innovation and technical advancement in agriculture, addressing the critical technology needs for transformation of the food chain (‘from farm to fork’), with the aim of enabling innovation to improve productivity, efficiency, resilience, and sustainability.

Our centre draws on a network of academic excellence, industry partnerships, and funding organisations. LAR takes an innovative and open-minded approach to collaboration with horticultural, agricultural and technology businesses, food processing and supply chain operators, farming communities and government bodies. We deliver interdisciplinary research, commercial activities in collaboration with other schools, centres and institutes at the University of Lincoln, and other Higher Education Institutes, research organisations and industry partners, both in the UK and internationally.

This brochure highlights our history, identity, and successes. We hope you enjoy reading!