The Lincoln Institute for Agri-Food Technology, University of Lincoln, UK, hosted a talk delivered by Prof Nicola Shadbolt (pictured) at Riseholme Campus on 13th July 2017. 

As the UK’s agricultural industry faces the uncertainty of Brexit and the notion of losing the Common Agricultural Policy subsidies that have been part and parcel of farming for more than 50 years, an eminent authority on farm and agri-business has explained how New Zealand coped with similar challenges in the 1980s and why its farming industry is now a thriving example of how to survive and succeed.

Professor Nicola Shadbolt represents New Zealand in the International Farm Comparison Network in Dairying. She is a Professor of Farm and Agribusiness Management at Massey University, New Zealand, and is a Director of the International Food and Agribusiness Management Association, and an elected director of Fonterra Cooperative (a global dairy nutrition company owned by 10,500 farmers and their families).

She visited the University of Lincoln in the summer to deliver a one-off industry briefing for farmers and agricultural represtatives, which offered fascinating insights into her own experiences and highlighted some of the methods used by New Zealand farmers to prosper without the support of farm subsidies.

Over 60 delegates guests attended the talk, with delegates ranging from various agricultural industries across the UK.

You are able to watch Prof Shadbolt’s talk online and a copy of her slideshow presentation can be viewed here.