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We are the Lincoln Institute for Agri-Food Technology at the University of Lincoln. As part of the National Centre for Food Manufacturing, we offer various industry related short courses, including BASIS and FACTS.

Our mission is to develop new technological solutions for the business of producing food through agriculture. We are interested in new applications at all stages of food production including cultivation, harvest, processing and packaging. Our research is strongly applied, with many links to the local, national and global agri-food industry.

The long-term impact of our research includes safer food, less waste, more efficient food production and better use of natural resources, as well as promoting human health and happiness. Agri‐food is the largest industry in Lincolnshire, and Food Security is also one of the “Grand Challenges” identified by the UK Research Councils.

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  • Interdisciplinary research looks to eradicate fruit pest

    Teams of researchers from the University of Lincoln, UK, will embark on two ambitious new studies with the aim of reducing and ultimately preventing the damage caused by Drosophila suzukii – a major agricultural pest affecting soft and stone fruit crops, which first arrived on British soil in 2012. The fruit fly commonly known as